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Unique Physique Health, has designed a health and fitness system that will work with your busy lifestyle. We offer personal training, diet and nutrition advice as well as an online health and fitness community

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Committed to improve employee health, productivity and lifestyles. Courtney Strauss, Fitness trainer , Motivational Speaker and Website and Social Media Manager helps individuals and organizations improve their workforce through hands on one-on-one services, seminars, workshops and writing.

Website & Social Media Management

Are you ready to start your business today? Do you have a passion for helping people, like me? I can help you start your website and social media management business!

Team Building Workshops, Motivational Speaking

Do you need an event or a teambuilding exercise that inspires your employees? I offer a wide array of workshops and motivational speaking at low costs.

Fitness One-on-One Classes

One-on-One Fitness Sessions are personalized training sessions with a certified fitness instructor. Learn how to get your fitness goals and reach your health and wellness goals.

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Online fitness classes for working Mom and dad offered. Get fit and stay healthy with the best fitness classes for working moms and dads.