Having strong hips is an integral part of sports performance, injury prevention, and maintaining mobility as you age.

The adductors are an important muscle group that contributes to hip strength and mobility.

In terms of strength training, the adductors are often overlooked because they can be difficult to properly train.

Considering that the adductors, along with the other leg muscles, are among the largest muscles in the body, they serve an important role in activities of daily living and athletic activities.

Their primary function is to provide lower body stability during daily activities such as walking, going up stairs, and squatting. They are especially important when performing exercise.

Athletes, in particular, depend on this muscle group to aid in explosive movements such as running, jumping, and quickly moving from side to side.

In addition, they provide mobility at the hip, which is essential for injury prevention.

By regularly training your adductors, you can help prepare them for the demands of physical exercise, greatly reducing your risk of injury

7 exercises to work your adductors

The adductors serve as secondary supporting muscles during many common exercises, such as squats, deadlifts, box jumps, and sled pushes.

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