5 Easy steps to a healthy shoulder.

Often times we neglect the importance of joint mobility and strengthening the smaller insignificant muscles surrounding the joint.

We focus more on building bigger visible muscles than taking the time to understand how a joint is suppose to move.

Today we will be focusing on the shoulder joint as this is a joint that is prone to injury due to its movable parts.

What is a Joint?

A joint is a surface where two bones meet. To put it as simply as possible.

The closer the bones, the less movement. The closer bones makes stronger joints.

The further away bones are from the articulating surfaces, the greater the range of motion, but this also leads to injuries such as dislocations.

There are many types of joints but today we will be dealing with the Ball and Socket Joint (Shoulder Joint).

This joint is a type of Synovial Joint. It is Freely movable.

The Shoulder Joint is formed by the head of the humerus ( Ball ) and the Glenoid Fossa ( Socket ) forming the Glenohumeral Joint.


The shoulder joint can move in different directions

Hyperextension might result in injury so please try to avoid…

Ask me I know!

Shoulder Joint Movement

5 Easy Steps to a Healthy Shoulder

  • Improve Mobility
  • Increase strength in the smaller muscles as well as the bigger ones
  • If you are experiencing pain, don’t be a Rambo, rest and treatment are needed if severe.
  • Focus on quality workouts over quantity, proper posture and form goes a long way.

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