5 ways to go from slow to WOAH!

Increasing speed is not just for track athletes or Sports men or women.

Increasing your speed and strengthening the relevant muscles will improve sore knees, a sore back, etc….

In order to run fast we need strong legs and strong hip flexors.

To have strong legs and strong hip flexors we need to Work them and make them stronger.

Not only do we focus on the needed muscles but we also need to train our tendons and ligaments to take the load. This is called Plyometrics.

5 ways to go from slow to WOAH.

  • Use Compound Workouts to strengthen and build Quadriceps, Hamstrings and Glutes
  • TRAIN your hip flexors by using explosive movements such as Weighted Jump Squats, Box Jumps or step ups, Resistant Band Leg Ups
  • Include mobility into your routine, stiff muscles and tight ligaments and tendons will impede movement as well as risking injury.
  • Fuel your body correctly, you cannot train hard and not replenish your supplies and vice versa, you cannot not train and over compensate in food, it will leave you feeling sluggish, heavy and will slow you down.
  • Rest Days are important and I don’t mean lay on your bed and do nothing. I mean go for a walk and keep your body moving.

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