“Finding a personal trainer can be difficult. To find a personal trainer who gets you, and one that you can connect with because she’s walked the very same journey you’re about to embark on, and who knows the struggles, is rare! But guess what…with God’s leading, I found her!

As a current client of Unique Physique Health, I would like to assure whomever is reading this that, Courtney is the absolute best personal trainer I have worked with. Whether you are bulking up or slimming down, trying to improve your health or just improve your strength, Courtney has the background, experience and the commitment to help you succeed.

She has turned my “cannots” into “cans” because she doesn’t believe in giving UP and will make sure that you don’t either. She has pushed me further than I thought I could go, and shown me that I can reach my physical goals if my mind wants it bad enough.

This journey is not an easy one. You’re going to have UPs and downs BUT Courtney will be with you every step of the way. Believe me when I say that she understands. Why? Because she’s walked every gruelling step of this journey personally. Courtney not only understands the science of personal training; she also understands the science of motivation. When you feel like you can’t keep going, Courtney will get you there.

No matter what your fitness goals are, I am certain that Courtney will be more than able to help you get there. Joining Unique Physique Health has been one of the best decisions I’ve made and Courtney, I am forever grateful!”