“Last year during lock down, I had picked up quite a bit of weight which made me feel uncomfortable.  I was looking around for places or diets to see what I could do to help me loose the weight. I came across Courtney on Facebook and started following her.  When I contacted, her she was very helpful and offered me fantastic advice and we started out our journey in her little gym at her home.  What seemed like a very hard journey for me at the time, the motivation and pep talks from Courtney, helped me to carry on.

Due to me being high risk, I had requested from Courtney for us to do online Gym and she has been very accommodating with my schedule.  At times, I have felt like giving up but knowing I have a session with Courtney helps me to carry on and hit my day.

Despite my journey being a bit slow and every day not the same. I must say the one thing I am happy about is that I am not where I used to be a year ago, feeling overweight and with no energy.  And I can now do Burpees with ease 😉 Every day is a journey and is different but the only way to keep this lifestyle journey is to take it one day at a time and not be so hard on yourself and this I have learnt from Courtney”.