Premium T-shirts for the Family


1. Taped Shoulders and Neck: This feature typically enhances the durability of the T-shirt by providing additional reinforcement to the shoulder and neck areas. It helps prevent stretching and maintains the shape of the garment over time.

2. 185gsm Combed Cotton 100% (Polyester Mix): The weight of 185gsm (grams per square meter) suggests a relatively substantial fabric thickness, providing a good balance between comfort and durability. The use of combed cotton indicates that the cotton fibers have been combed to remove impurities and short fibers, resulting in a smoother, softer fabric. The addition of a polyester mix could enhance the T-shirt’s durability, reduce wrinkles, and improve moisture-wicking properties.

3. Double Stitched Hem on Waistline, Sleeves & Arm Hole: Double stitching on critical areas like the waistline, sleeves, and armholes is a sign of quality craftsmanship. This technique reinforces these areas, making the T-shirt more resistant to wear and tear.


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Small, Medium, Large, Extra Large


White, Black, Royal Blue


Trust in the Lord, Love like Jesus, Be the Light


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