When I first walked up the stairs towards the gym after making a 3 month commitment to Unique
Physique Fitness I definitely thought “what did I get myself into?”
Day 1 was set out for a fitness test. Needless to say it didn’t go as well as I thought! (I was more out of
shape than I had anticipated). I was stiff for a week lol. And absolutely dreaded the day I would need to
partake in the “wall ball exercise again”. However, every week, I would find myself growing a little
stronger than the week before and even found myself “liking” the “pain”.
The gym has pushed me beyond what I thought was ever possible – I gained physical strength but more
importantly gained strength mentally while learning to push past the “I can’t” to “I can”.
With every repetition of the exercise, when my body kept telling me “no more!” I’d soon hear that calm
reassuring ‘Courtney voice’ on the other end saying: “good, well done, keep pushing” – as if in that
moment – she knew the mental battle I was facing.
Signing up at UP Fitness gym, for me, represented myself being at a crossroads in my own health
journey. My revelation was that I needed someone to be accountable to. Someone to push and guide
me. But also to be a companion in that journey. Courtney provides just THAT.
A few weeks ago, Courtney joined me in a workout set. This was one of my most memorable
experiences in my journey thus far. That day I ran a few minutes late, so Courtney had already started
with her sets (obviously way more than I had to do). As she exercised – she’d drop the ball or take a few
seconds break here and there, from sheer exhaustion, and I remember thinking to myself “OMW, SHE’S
That’s the beauty of UP gym! You have a coach/companion and instructor that’s journeying with you,
pushing you, and encouraging you beyond what you thought was possible for yourself! And yet lets you
know that it’s ok to take a break, to pause as long as you get UP and DO it again. Because she has that
same struggles too!
My other “standout” experience was that eventually that “wall ball” exercise and I had come to meet
each other again. Only this time – it didn’t kill me!!! That’s when I realised how much I had grown. It
had become a little easier to push through the pain and also became a little easier to complete my sets.
And man oh man IT FELT SOOOO GOOD! Picturing a Courtney dance here
If you’re considering making a life changing decision because you find yourself at the cross roads in your
health journey. And like me – you recognise the need for a coach, companion, and guide, then Unique
Physique Fitness is DEFINITELY for YOU. It’s a holistic process which helps you to reach those goals –
from nutrition and your mental health to being accountable.
Are you deciding to get back to or improving your health? Remember it’s a journey. One that will change
your life each day you choose to commit to it.
The best part about this, is having someone like Courtney as your travel buddy – pushing and cheering
you on, the whole way through as you reach those goals together – one at a time, week by week, day by